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Neymar puts Copa at risk

Neymar puts Copa at risk
By accepting sacrifice for Barça player can not play the World Cup final

from the newsroom
Neymar accepted the challenge of working for Barcelona in the Spanish Cup final match against Atletico Madrid on Saturday at the Camp Nou .
In treating an injured left foot, the attacker performed the same activity of companions on the morning of Friday, May 16 , deciding the risk of not dispute the World Cup in case of worsening of the situation .
The player must be an option on the bench . The sacrifice came after heavy lobbying by supporters of Barcelona and Catalan press to attend at least a few minutes of duel in which the team must win to be champion .
" This is not playing six matches in a row , but a decisive game . I know there's the World Cup at stake too, but they showed a lot of strength , "said Barca coach , Tata Martino , is still Pique and Jordi Alba referring also injured .
Diagnosed an edema in the fourth metatarsal in his left foot , Neymar still complained of pain at the beginning of the week . Athlete combining physical therapy with physical training activities , but even so the scenario seemed possible that he would not be available to the decision .
In today's training , open to journalists for just 15 minutes, all movements of the attacker were closely monitored . Neymar had little contact with the ball , but came to risk kicking the goal as he entered the lawn.

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Bahia esporte crube


terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

Segurança para a Copa do Mundo 2014 é testada durante clássico BAVI

O clássico baiano entre Bahia e Vitória, realizado no último domingo (11), foi utilizado para um teste da Secretaria de Segurança Pública. O evento teve como objetivo aperfeiçoar o policiamento que será usado durante a Copa do Mundo da FIFA 2014